"#DeliverForALL" campaign?

These days in Vietnam all of us are in a difficult situation because of the outbreak of COVID-19, that’s why we would like to carry out some actions to our ability for other people in the community.
From 23rd August, we will start to donate and launch a fundraising program. This action aims to support others go through this difficult time #DeliverForALL by giving food and basic necessities.

What do we do?

【Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation】
“The outbreak of the delta variant is wreaking havoc on vulnerable communities across Vietnam.
Families are struggling to survive. They need YOUR help.”
We are now going to raise funds for the charity Blue Dragon through our delivery platform.
All of the donations will be used to support children and people who are living in poverty by providing emergency food packages. The food package will contain fruit and vegetables, rice, and staples to keep children and families going. They will be bought locally and will include a mix of fresh food and long-lasting items.

【Special supporter】
Kinapon’s Japanese Bakery & Pastry
They donate their pastries to the children who lost the house and need the support of the blue dragon.

【About blue dragon】
Since our small beginnings in 2003, Blue Dragon has become a powerful force for change on the streets of Vietnam, both in the bustling cities and in rural areas where poverty is widespread.


【Mogu free picture donation】
We acknowledge the fact that children are the most important for the future of our community.In this challenging time, children cannot go to school or participate in outdoor activities. This may cause children to feel bored, which is not good for a healthy growth.
In collaboration with Mot sach Mogu, we plan to send EHON – Japanese picture books to kids as a gift for the Mid-Autumn Festival.We hope Ehon will keep the kids entertained during a long time of lockdown and help the parents enhance the connection with their kids in a playful way.

Get Ehon at these stores on our Capichi Delivery website/app:

– Joma Bakery: https://order.capichiapp.com/en/restaurant/515   
– Mama’s Bakery: https://order.capichiapp.com/en/restaurant/113 
– Tomibun: https://order.capichiapp.com/en/restaurant/69  

【About MOGU】

※Only in Hanoi, start from 26th AUG

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